Black Mountain Hogs

Close up of a high power motorcycle, chopper.

We recently had the pleasure of having the Black Mountain Hogs motorcycle club stay with us. The Prospector management would like to thank them for their choice in accommodations during their adventure. We would also like to share a message that one of the group sent us. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Dear Folks at Prosecutor Inn,

Just for clarification, I’m Xxxx Xxxxx. My husband & I just checked out this morning from room 30.
Thank you for reaching out. You’re right, there are other choices, but we love staying at your hotel!  We had a good stay with you guys back in 2014, & have continued to stay with you whenever we’re in the area overnight.
Thank you also for allowing us to stay an extra night due snow on the pass.  Michael & Shelly were a great help in finding alternate routes to use to get back to Vegas.
I have in the past, & will continue to recommend your place anytime anyone asks if I know of an Inn or hotel in your area!

Thank you,

Xxxx Xxxxx

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